when u lose someone

to imagine what someone is going thru during a tragedy is impossible – impossible to truly “walk in their shoes”. to imagine is nothing close to living, breathing and feeling it. imo the best thing to say in times like this is absolutely nothing because nothing really is going to help -words won’t be fully comprehended and lost in a storm of bewilderment. in fact, what can be absorbed in this acute kind of pain? not much. there is no respite from acute type of loss…maybe with drugs there is, sure, i will give u that.

life can change in an instant. instead of walking hand in hand with someone into the future u find urself walking hand in hand with just the future – hoping to minimize the pain associated with thoughts of walking with that someone in the past. it’s a no win situation – it’s fuked and ur fuked because contrary to what some “cup is half fullers” will say, life isn’t fair. no way. we win by learning how to lose and that’s the toughest road to walk down. yes, no doubt it will make u tougher but it will jade u in the short run. no matter what, u have to keep moving forward – there is no choice in this. u have to keep going and that is exactly what will define u and make you grow to an even higher level. beck, if i could take away your pain i would.

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  1. Becky says:

    You came and helped me through the worst few days of my life. (And I see how you keep calling to check on me–thanks.) I love you, Fran. XO

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