i had a dream (2)

love it when my brain sends me to those places. this dream wasnt as good as the last one.  i was on a beach, actually there wasnt much of a beach…huge rocks with very little of your classic sandy beach. i was with my brother. i remember finding 3 blue shells – mussel shells. they reminded me of little feet. i left them in the surf. we were staying in a little hotel room that you could get into from a ladder that was built into the rocks. there was a german family staying in the next room. there were also tons of little toiletries in a really short but deep cabinet drawer. i was fighting with my brother for some reason. the weather wasnt hot for being at the beach…in fact it was cooler and the water was very rough and choppy. feel free to make sense of this one.

2 thoughts on “i had a dream (2)

  1. fran says:

    that’s a really good comment. maybe i should stop being so shellfish 😉 hmmm i think i will call him and ask him if he had any good dreams lately

  2. sweets says:

    this is a reflection of ur relationship with him. the picture of the shell u used actually looks like an upside down heart. shells serve as a form of protection…
    the mood and environment may symbolize that something feels unnatural or foreign to u in regards to the bond u guy have. call him.

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