the blessings of ditching twitter

recently i deleted my twitter account. as a result of some unfortunate events i decided to remove all my friends and followers. let me tell you something, it’s been a damn blessing in disguise. i definitely dont miss checking my twitter. i only checked it once a day anyway but not even doing that has been liberating. what i came to realize is that the novelty had worn off. i wasnt finding twitter as funny as once was, in fact, as it became a negative forum it was pretty easy to ditch it. no offense to the millions who love twitter and use it as the smart marketing tool it is, but it’s been great not having it around. it’s that same kind of feeling i had after cleaning out my closet and finally getting rid of the clothes i never wore anymore. an even better analogy would be finally exiting a plane that had a crying baby on it. that said, im extending the invitation to all my previous twitter followers and haters to check in here. haters, you can leave comments if you like. sadly though, either myself or dylan will be the judge and jury in the court of comment approval.