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tony died last sunday night

i love you

it’s taken me more than a week to write this post and “announce” to the world that tony, my best friend and loyal companion, died on sunday jan 15th 2012 at roughly 7:30pm. i loved tony more than anything or any person over the last ten years. he was an incredible dog with a human soul. if you knew me or any of my bands then you of course knew tony. in many ways we helped define each other. if you did have the pleasure of meeting tony then you know exactly what i mean when i say this — he was indeed a different breed and definitely a special being.

on saturday the 14th tony was diagnosed with severe lymphoblastic lymphoma and given a few days at most to live. over the next 24 hours some of his closest human friends came to see him and say goodbye. what all of these people had in common was that he really loved seeing them. thanks to all of you for dropping whatever you were doing and coming to see him. i believe it was extremely important that he saw you so that his tail would wag one last time (and it did) even if he couldnt stand up.

by the morning of the 15th tony could barely walk, wag his tail or lift up his head. he spent most of sunday outside on the porch resting in his bed as if he knew he was soaking up his last few glimpses of the warm california sun. looking back on it, i believe tony had decided that was the exact place where he wanted to spend his last moments on earth. in fact, right after it got dark out and i carried him inside he got up and somehow stumbled on his own just to make it back to that spot. this dog was a true fighter even at the end. watching him get up and walk back to that spot was a testament to just how tough, strong and proud he was. it was gut wrenching. a little while later tony was put to sleep on that porch, on that bed, while i was holding his head whispering “i love you” over and over and over again into his ear. i can’t describe how sad that moment was – as if half of my heart was forever ripped out of my chest.

to the people that have called or left messages – i appreciate it. even if i haven’t responded or don’t end up ever responding i appreciate the thoughts…thanks. if you have a pic of tony please post it on my facebook page as that would be really great to see and definitely make me smile.

the picture above was taken the evening of the 14th during one of the brief moments tony was able to stand up.

i love you tony.
– fran

19 thoughts on “tony died last sunday night

  1. Scotty says:

    At the break on Fri night at Steven & Zee’s you said you had to run your car to check on your dog, I loved that becaue I thought about bringing my dog that nght too.

    I didn’t know Tony but I know how you must feel
    So sorry Francis πŸ™

  2. Tracey says:

    We said goodbye to our Fattypants the 16th and went through most of what you described. My heart breaks for you. Please take solace in the beautiful times you both shared. I know it is hard as the emptiness in your heart will ache. Just remember it is from all of the love he had to give and how lucky we are to have experienced it all.
    And here’s a hug too. ((()))

  3. Jerry says:

    We said goodbye to our dear Timber in very much the same way last fall – take solace in the fact that his passing was easy, he is no longer in pain and he was with those he loved right to the end.


  4. Hussun says:

    <3 I have no more words to say, I am so upset over this and my heart is breaking for you. I love Tony! I used to tell people about how amazing this "One" dog is.. I have some pics saved somewhere of him, but I will dig them out somehow and post them if I can. Franny I am so soooooo sorry!! πŸ™

  5. robin says:

    My God Franny , I can’t tell you how sorry I am . I truly love you and am thinking of you and Tony xoxo Robin

  6. Kampy says:

    Such sad news… so sorry for your loss Fran. I had not seen Tony in a while, but I really loved that dog, he was so chill, and you guys were inseparable. About 2.5 years ago I got a dog myself (Gidget) and that little girl has helped me through some tough times and is always happy to see me, and always makes me feel better. I can’t imagine how tough it will be to say goodbye to her someday.

    Fran, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help… I’mm gonna go through my photo archives and dig up some photos I took of Tony through the years…

    Much love brother,


  7. Lola says:

    Fran, I’m so sorry. That breaks my heart. He was so special, and it was always clear how much you loved him, and how he adored you. And that’s a lot of love you guys lit the world with. I’m always heartbroken when a dog dies. For such loyal and loving spirits they get so little time here. But they do teach us so much in that time. I hope your heart doesn’t hurt too much. <3

  8. Suzette says:

    Fran, I’m really sorry. You brought Tony over a couple of times and I thought he was a very sweet and loyal friend. I cried reading this as I know how he used to look at you. Thinking of you and Tony. Suzette

  9. leo says:


    I’m so sorry to hear about Tony. I don’t think we have a pic of him from the few times we met him, but I will have Happy check.

    I was there when Happy put her beloved Casey to sleep a few years ago, and I thought it was gut-wrenching, so I can imagine what you’re going through. Our thoughts are with you.


  10. John Caddell says:

    Fran, so sorry to hear of Tony’s passing. I never met him, but through your descriptions I feel as if I know him well. He was a one of a kind friend.

    regards, john

    1. Leanne says:

      Oh Fran, I can barely see through my tears to write this. I know words can not begin to express the pain your going through and I can’t begin to express how sorry I am for your loss. I never met Tony, but I know the heartbreak all too well. It was obvious through your words, photos and video that there was something pretty spectacular about him and between you two… I hope it’s somewhat reassuring to know that Tony is now in great company with my Wendell- doing what special beings do after living amazing (spoiled rotten) lives with us.
      Big hug, Leanne

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